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Posted in 8. MAIN HOUSE

House on narrow lot with a single sloped roof covered by preoxidized copper. Same on protruding windows on plastered side walls, pergolas, entry door and gate.
Unity of space is the house’s main aspect. From the small north entrance lobby the house’s continuity is obvious from the south terrace’s glass sliding doors. The inner staircase opens onto the dining area connecting all levels. The family space looks onto a glazed side atrium and a two-story space. The white plastered fireplace stands freely between family space and living area. The hearth is black cast-iron and the cylindrical smokestack juts through the two story space.
The staircase and elevator lead up the bedroom floor. On the north side is the master suite with dressing and bathroom. The main window is centered between border trees of facing houses. An L shaped corridor bridges over the family space leading to the daughter’s rooms.
The upper level attic roofs the couple’s study and fitness area. The semi- basement level is occupied by the garage, mechanical and storage, two small service apartments with an exit to the garden swimming pool.
Openings tie with the highly insulated north access. The vertical high window serves attic and master bedroom balanced with south protrusion and bathroom window. A large south terrace glazing is protected by a metal pergola. The attic long narrow window slit gives a panoramic view.

Area: 370 m2 + Bsm: 260 m2 / Constr.: 2001-3