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Posted in 8. MAIN HOUSE

On a peninsula within the open sea, away from human presence, the site is surprisingly near the owner’s office and Athens.
The house (now being furnished) has two levels clinging to a land with pine trees stooped by the wind. A walled court leads to a pivoting cor-ten door and hallway with a sea view framed by the pine tree planted terrace. A living area has an uninterrupted sea view on three sides. Continuous is the raised room-length fireplace opening on uninterrupted hearth of fire resistant glass. Under a slanted glass pyramid a floating stairway leads to dining and kitchen below. From the entrance four steps rise to the master apartment wing joined with sitting master study, bedroom, bath, dressing rooms. A second stairway reaches below to a sea front with two guest suites. Under the planted terrace a traveler’s library catches glimmers from square port holes of a sea and sky horizon. Such a scatter of shutter squares brings light to eastern service uses. All exterior openings have sliding aluminum glazing, beech infill shutter planks and steel mesh screens in between. Many slide within protruding walls that create wind protected areas.
The soil is terra cotta colored, matched by the apparent concrete exterior retaining walls. Dark green volcanic brushed marble forms inner and outer pavements. Wide beech planks parquet for a few floors with the master study enveloped like a wooden box.
A 25m by 4m exercise pool has a green mosaic cladding matching the outer overflow green marble frame.
The flat roof decks are planted, pebble covered, solar paneled with ventilations, heating, lighting in bioclimatic energy saving programs.

Michael Photiadis Associate Architects: Ph.Photiadis, S.Silitzoglou

Constr.: N.Berios S.A. 2011-15