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The focal site is on a Penteli NW range with a limitless view to Mt Parnitha, on the Athens low mountain bowl, with the Saronic Gulf completing it. The housing project combines modern design with a feeling of calmness. The clean lines and smoothly staggered volumes, within pine trees taller than 15m, gives each residence open mountain views. The low valley form nestles a long and narrow symbolic water stretch.
The semicircular site of 5300 sq.m. is used by 27 apts, mostly two storey, varying from 80 to 120 sq.m. with eight larger than 150 sq.m.: The Themistoklis wing has 1600 sq.m. usable area & 1500 sq.m. service & parking area. The Antigoni wing has 1400 sq.m. usable area & 1300 sq.m. service & parking area. The total of 3000 sq.m. unit space is serviced by 2800 sq.m.
Structured in two parallel wings, each rises from one to three levels above the next. A pedestrian central axis is a strong connecting link through attica green, focusing on a 25 by 4 m reflecting pool with entries to the five vertical circulation stacks leading to a climate controlled major fitness center with swimming pool space of 25 x 4 m and to two flanking basement parking areas, each of about 30 spaces for the housing wings of Themistoklis and Antigoni.
A 24-hour service center and security check point gives residents the amenities of a small ‘gated community’.
Each 7 m wide module unit is formed by concrete shear walls and slabs. Five circulation cores has landings for a unit on either side. Tightly designed apartments in two levels have 2 or 3 bedrooms, sitting, dining and kitchen, all interconnected. North and south end walls have continuous balconies, 2.5 m wide on common rooms and 1 m on bedrooms. Larger private planted areas extend.
The bioclimatic study with floor heating and proper orientation minimizes energy use, best respecting the surrounding environment. The units on the steep ground form volumes of two to five levels.
Michael Photiadis Associate Architects: M.Photiadis, S.Silitzoglou, E.Grivas, Ph.Photiadis

Total usable areas: 3000 sq.m, Service & parking areas: 2800 sq.m.

Study: 2008 / Construction: 2010 / Pyramis s.a.