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S&B Group Offices – Mount Parnassus


The result of a competition among five firms, where a main feature was the functional use of Energy and passive systems. The existing site is a central boxite extraction hub on Mount Parnassos with an exit from the 51st Km of the National Road. Important criteria:
• The building’s exact location.
• Traffic circulation.
• Retaining a number of existing buildings.
• Design environmentally fitting within Mt Parnassos slopes.

Four floor levels diminish as they ascend, fitting the mountain inclination. Access either from north level Office or from South level Maintenance and Spares. North entrance to reception areas, from administration members and guests. South entrance, two levels below for employees and members of outdoor functions.
The noteworthy central entrance functions as a major reference for employees or guests. Heating is mainly achieved with south side solar collectors.

MPh AA/ aa: MPh, RT, EV/ ce: GH/ ie: AZ/ bc: NP/ se: KV, DK/ constr: TEV s.a., area: 217.000 m ²