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The Company exchanged a conventional pavilion for one that exploits prefabrication. A three-dimensional poster invites visitors at this or future fairs.
The pavilion was assembled within one week to be disassembled in less time and shipped to other fairs. Its design and construction allow for changes in shape, size, volume with additions or subtractions of three basic elements:
a. Panels 2.00 meters square in sheet metal, 5.5 cm thick, which form exterior walls
and advertisement surfaces.
b. The 10.50 meter high cross-shaped steel columns consist of four 8cm corners at a 7.5 cm distance where the panels slide in, in four directions at any desired height functioning as structural elements.
c. The roof trusses are sandwiched within glass wool insulation between aluminum
The correct erection sequence is important.
Building elements were fabricated and painted in Athens. After the foundations and columns position, trusses were bolted to withstood the Salonica “Vardari” winds.