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NEW ACROPOLIS MUSEUM (NAM) —————- Koile site, International Competition, 1991

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International Competition, 1991

Competitors were allowed to choose one of three sites:
• Makryianni site, 17.000 m² (present museum location).
• Dionysos site, 12.000 m² (the restaurant’s site).
• Koile site 23.500 m². Site chosen by Athens municipal consulting architect George Kandylis.

• Land owned by state. (No costly time consuming expropriations).
• The pine grove Philopappos Hill boundary.
• Independence from immediate city context.
• Equal walking distance to the Parthenon as the Makryiannis site.
• Largest site of the three.
• Easier urban circulation.

• Incorporating the NAM to a park (Phillopappos).
• Opening a sea view (Saronic gulf).
• Acropolis Monument connecting with the NAM.
• Creation of a cultural terrace.
• Smallest new building disturbance.
A “Non-Building” is proposed within the site contours. The Acropolis Rock building plan to be repeated in full scale on glass or as atria. The entrance (Propylea) at the lower street level with glazed pedestrian rays reaching the monuments as the ancient “polar system”.
All the above create the imaginary space of the NAM. The visitor is guided by natural light cut into the roof-slab, by the polar rays and concentric semi-circular lines connecting the glazed monuments’ plans or their atria.
A unified space would shelter all exhibits at stepped levels under monuments. A 2.5m deep space-frame would span the total exhibition ceiling.
The proposal received an Honourable Mention.

Architect: M. Photiadis Associate Architects / Arch. Team: M.Photiadis, E.Vourloumi, G.Kriparakos, L.Gianoussi / Structural: G.Hatzistergiou / Install: I.Askitopoulos / Acoustic: G.Schubert / Archaeol. Consultant: I.Sakellarakis