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The first unit built comprises a vertical tower and the main production building, with input and output platforms at each end. An elevator moves the basic materials up the tower. Flour is stored on the top floor, from where it moves down while being treated, mixed, turned into dough and shaped into biscuits, which are baked and cooled on the ground floor, then packed and stored for delivery. Waffles are produced on a parallel line. Services are located in the main production building; dressing-rooms and personnel restaurant occupy a separate building.
The load-bearing structure is of pre-stressed concrete on a 7.50 m. by 15.00 m. module. All walls are movable, with an insulating core of glass-wool panes and metal frames. Exterior walls are galvanised metal sheets and interior ones asbestos-cement sheets. Mosaic floors have aluminium stripping every 250 m. Ventilations is either natural or mechanical, depending on needs, while other spaces are air-conditioned. Natural indirect lighting is ensured throughout with a peripheral 45˚ glass strip and overhead acrylic milky roof windows.